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Custom Jazz Ukulele Arrangements of Jazz Standards, Show Tunes and Songs from the Great American Songbook

Welcome to AllUkeCanBe! I'm Shawn Wright, and I create jazz ukulele music, teach online lessons, and share my passion for playing and singing classic jazz songs, tunes from the Great American Songbook, and Broadway hits.

You can hear me play various ukuleles to find your favorite style and sound. I'll also explain how to achieve that "sweet jazz tone" on your own ukulele.

Keep coming back for new music and lessons. To start, check out my fun version of the classic jazz song "I'm Beginning to See the Light," performed on three different ukuleles: the Flight Pathfinder tenor Mermaid, the Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster, and the Sound Smith Tenor Jazz Ukulele. Enjoy the music!

New Arrangement

I'm Beginning to See the Light

Sound Smith
Tenor Jazz 

Flight Pathfinder

Fender Fullerton

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